My Land Rover Discovery 1997 with 300TDi engine


Here is a tip on how to fix a oil leaking of the vacumpump 300 TDi type: ERR3539

I was looking fo a  replacement pump for my engine, but found out that it costs a lot of money.

So i looked at the pump and started a job on a saturday recently.

Tools that you need can be found in the photobook i made.

In the photobook you can see how i did this revision / repair of the vacum pump

If you have "any" questions, about the ERR-3539, please contact me on this email adress:


discovery (at)   [  (at) is @ ]


Read this also!!

I found out that, when the vacumpump is leaking oil, the end is near for the pump.

The first warning, cruisecontrol failed while active cruising

I revised the pump twice, even changed the cap of the pump with a "non leaking" one, but it started leaking again after while.

A few days a go i "lost breaking power", very low vacum from the pump and leaking oil like hell from the freeze plugs.


The pump runs out, this causes a high oil pressure inside and starts leaking oil slowly, this gets worse!

The pump will fail at some time, for your safety, change it!

When you need to break and you have no support form the pump....?

My advise is to buy a new one (somewhere arround the 290,- )

I have a new pump now and i have high vacum again, the Disco breaks good again and the cruisecontrol works again.

And.... no more: Disco marking his spot when parking ;-)

My Discovery 300TDi

Land Rover Discovery 300 TDi