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The antenna's in JO22RD:

The new setup, only with a nice blue sky, X300, Tonna 16 el and TH3-MK4 HF 3 bander, on the left my new rotor powered dish 150degrees turnable, more antenna's but not in this picture...

This is my new setup, X300 VHF-UHF, 16 el Tonna VHF, TH3-MK4 HF 3 bander... and to the left my new rotor powered dish ( 75E to 75W ) Other antenna's are on the roof but not in the picture..

Out dated picture Hi, X300, 16el Tonna, FB-13, the dishes and below the TH3MK4 and more not in the picture..

The old setup...

More foto's with Snow

The wire is my FD-3 for 10-20-40m bands


(My previous call was PD2GT)

Diamond X300 3,1m 2 & 70

16 el. Tonna for 2m length about 6.4m

HB9CV 6m 2el beam

23 el. Cue Dee for 70cm length about 4.5m Gain: 15.5 dBd, f/b 25 dB

 Hygain TH-3MK4 HF 3 bander (10m + 15m + 20m) (in the picture above)

Hygain AV-14AVQ HF 4 bander (10m + 15m + 20m+ 40m) (in the picture below)

Fritzel FB-13 single 3 band dipool (10m + 15m + 20m) (in picture above)

 Fritzel GPA-30 3 band vertical (10m + 15m + 20m) (for PA2MZ )

GP 2m antenna (140-170Mhz) 0dB

5/8 whip for 2m (not in picture)

Crossyagi 10el for 2m 11,1 dB gain (repair/restoration started for in JO78CH)

Sat dish 2.0m by 1.6m for TX-RX on 10Ghz

Sat dish turnable from 75 east to 75 west 100cm

Sat dish 90cm for TV stable 5 east

Last picture longwire Grauta 21,7m tripple band 10/20/40m

Below: Grauta JA-200 Tagra 1:6 Balun

80m +15m multiband dipool with 1:1 balun



The antenna's in JO78CH:

My vertical Hygain AV-14avq for JO78CH, picture no:1

My vertical Hygain AV-14avq for JO78CH, picture no: 2

A broken base insulator, little construction fault, but very good service of "Classic International" all oke now!!

Vertical AV-14avq 5.4m quattro band 10/15/20/40m

Longwire FD3 & FD4 Grauta band 10/15/20/40/80m

Diamond X50 1,4m for 2 & 70

90cm + 40cm sat dish

My current Radio Shack

My current shack

My FT-101ZD The number 1 HF Transceiver!

My MFJ-945E antenna tuner 1.8 to 50Mhz

EP-925 25AmpEPA-9300  28Amps

Left: EP-925           -           Right: EPA 9300 

My number 1 hamradio: Yaesu FT-857 with DSP-2

My MD-100A8X

FT-8900 Quad band Transceiver FM 50w(10,6,2m) & 35w(70cm)

My Icom IC-E92D


PB2GT @ Home

Main set: Yaesu FT-857 Allband-Allmode 25/50/100w 

With: Yaesu MD-100A8X Dynamic microphone

New  Now also QRV on D-Star with Icom IC-E92D New

NEW! FT-8900 QUAD BAND FM transceiver 10m, 6m, 2m & 70cm (mobile use)

Yaesu FT-101ZD HF Transceiver 1,5 - 28Mhz 100w  Allmode

AEG Telecar 9 + Basestation unit 140-180Mhz widebander

Yaesu FT-7400 UHF Transceiver 410 - 470Mhz (5,25,35w) FM 

Yaesu FT-290R VHF Transceiver 144 - 148Mhz (0.5,2,5w) Allmode /Portable (Rpt set local)

Icom IC-290R VHF Transceiver 144 - 146Mhz (2, 10w) Allmode (One of my SSB radio's) FOR SALE

Icom IC-280R VHF Transceiver 144 - 146Mhz (2, 10w) FM (2x)(not in picture)

3x Ascom's SE-550, 1x VHF and 2x UHF's (UHF (-7.6) repeater with crossband option)

Motorola MC-2100 VHF Mobile (full options)

 Antenna tuner MFJ-945E 1.8 to 50Mhz  ( picture above )

Also portable radio's

Motorola MX3000 VHF Transceiver 143 - 178Mhz 100chan 4w FM

Motorola MT2100 VHF topdisplay

Kenwood TH26E 137-179Mhz FM

2 Motorola GP-340 VHF 16 channel

In the Car:

Yaesu FT-8900 Quad band Transceiver 10m, 6m, 2m and 70cm  FM

Motorola GM 900 VHF Transceiver 143 - 178Mhz 16chan 22w (all repeaters on 2m in NL)

Motorola MC2100 VHF Transceiver 143 - 178Mhz (400CH in 2m band)

New! Diamond AZ-504 2m/70cm mobile antenna

Diamond CR-8900 for mobile use


(Also see my Projects page)

This is my current project

My new CQF 9000 ( 9113 )

Wil be active on the 2m band

Modify to repeater and change frequencies

Check for updates, more soon

My new CQF 9000 (9113) VHF, modify started to be a repeater on 145Mhz

My new CQF 9000 (9113) VHF, modify started to be a repeater on 145Mhz


Some projects i need to do sometime Hi

CQF 662 Base UHF repeater 25watts 7,6Mhz shift, project started!

Ombouw 160 naar 145Mhz, tbv repeater project, on hold for some time.....Ombouw 160 naar 145Mhz, tbv repeater project, on hold for some time....


About me...


My grid locators are: JO22RD or JO78CH

QSL region: NL QSL Bureau 

QSL region: SM via SK6MA

Home Country: The Netherlands

My other home Country: Sweden

Favorite frequencies i often listen to:

2m band PI3AMF 145.7875 out 145.1785 in

70cm band PI2AMF 430.050 out 431.650 in

Mobile  PI2NOS  430.125 out 431.725 in

Base HF LSB (KV) 7.070 for DX

Base HF USB (KV) 14.275 for DX

Base HF USB (KV) 21.250 for DX


Home frequencies:

144.6375 Mhz FM/DV (Digital)

144.300Mhz for DX call's

438.950 (Repeater -7.6) Mhz FM

439.825 (repeater -9.4) Mhz DV (Digital)

14.275 or 21.250 for DX

JO78CH frequencies:

145.6375 FM (repeater in JO78DH)

145.3375 DV (simplex digital)

 144.300 USB

3.603 & 7.070 LSB & 14.275 & 21.250


Ps. my beams are usualy @ 36degr.


Some more pictures....


The clubstation SK6MA on Nationaldagen 6 juni '08 in the harbour in JO78DH

Outside temp 28gr C, temp in the tent was 48gr C that day

The clubstation SK6MA on Nationaldagen 6 juni '08 in the harbour in JO78DH

SK6MA in the Harbour in JO78DH

PI4AMF Fieldday 2004 picture below

Fieldday of PI4AMF in Hoogland


Club TV: "Island on the Air"

Club TV on Digital Public Satelite Sirius 5east


My contact with the International Space Station (APRS)

Look for PD2GT, that's me :-)

Look here for callsign's that contacted ARISS on APRS




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